That would be cool to remove or hide the map grid/location names in options

Either remove the map grid or make an option to toggle/hide the map number and letters grid. I doubt they will do that but there are several reasons for the suggestion. Keep in mind it’s merely a suggestion and doesnt hurt anybody.

A:Obsessive Compulsiveness
B: It’s cooler and more immersive without the grids.
That would also be cool to rename map locations to suit your preference in your own personal map in addition to adding markers.

You’d rather they focus resources on removing a grid (and potentially introduce a bug) than fixing bugs? Latitude and Longitude are VERY old concepts and completely fitting in an era with seafarers and Atlanteans.

Both. *

What does this even mean (as an argument) ? I can’t make any sense of it.

Yeah, no, the game used to be like this, it was a pain in the ass. Everyone just used an out-of-game map with a grid anyway, or (for those on private servers) a mod to add in the grid.

I’m in that weird minority that thinks it was more immersive and fun. People on the servers on which I played back then would always refer to things in terms of nearby landmarks, e.g. “on the river, beneath Dagon’s Eye” or “on that ridge next to the Corner of Bones”. It provided additional incentive to explore the map and people would learn about new places by accident, because someone mentioned it in chat.

Not that I’m arguing it ruined the game or something equally dramatic. I’m fine with the way things are now, but I did like the old way better :slight_smile:

Well, I actually agree with you in principle/theory. It’s just in practice, I found most people couldn’t or wouldn’t use a landmark system, or the location just didn’t have anything well-known nearby.

The result being that group play - which Crom knows is already a pain in the behind to organize in this game - became even less attractive, or died off completely.

Not that the grid/coord system could or did singlehandedly fix that of course, but it removes one small obstacle, and I don’t feel like it’s much of a loss in immersion.

Im not sure I understand the “immersion” argument at all. Why wouldnt they have coordinate systems in a world with trebuchets which require knowledge of mathematics and seafarers who navigate? Correct me if I’m wrong but “immersion” should relate to feeling like you are “in” the world. Grid coordinates are perfectly consistent. They are pre-dark age concepts.

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Then post it in the suggestion forum (where it would fast disappear into the void :smiley: )

That’s realism. Realism can contribute to the immersion, but it’s not the same as immersion.

You’re not wrong there. My argument isn’t that grid coordinates take away from immersion because they’re not realistic. My argument is that the lack of grid coordinates resulted in more immersion because it generated more interest in the landmarks.

Granted, it seems to vary per server, because @Mikey’s experience is very different from mine and I assure you that neither of us is lying :smiley:

I wonder if it has anything to do with game mode. Hey, @Mikey, do you play PVE or PVP?

Oh, and again, I’m not claiming that the grid is a terrible game-breaking thing that made Conan Exiles worse and should be exterminated with prejudice :wink: Apart from being nostalgic about the old way of referring to things, I’m okay with it and don’t want to fight about it. If this configuration option is implemented, it’s also fine with me, but it won’t affect me, because I don’t like to play on private servers :man_shrugging:

Strictly PvE.

Okay, so it’s not related to game mode. We just played with people who behaved differently :slight_smile:

Some people like it. Some people dont like it. That’s why instead of getting rid of it they could have an option to hide that or not have that active. Like a check box or some settion option.

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