Marquard's Wake - The longest Funeral in history

So, it has been 84 years

Since we killed the robot and Marquards bae disappeared like a stripper leaves the stage behind a curtain after removing the last piece of clothing, leaving only a hat as a reminder.

so if we are not going to get any further with this - because “no words” have been spoken about it, and while we wait for someone to take pity on us and upload the remaining cutscenes to youtube to put us out our misery (Which costs nothing btw)
What about speculation?

Where is Philip and what do you think happens with the story in the STORY DRIVEN world?
I think we had 2 more zones we could have been to, Congo & Antartica. I think their portal images are in game too but that sad looking empty one next to South Africa is the only one without purpose on purpose built platforms.

And what of the floorshow

Will we ever see the end?

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Not to rain on your funeral parade, but those two portals are easter eggs. They show Tortage from Age of Conan and The Grid from Anarchy Online, respectively.

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Awww well now it just makes it all the more mysterious as to why the 2nd portal on the platform remains empty.
Was there even a congo at all? :open_mouth:

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