Mass thrals vanishing

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [Here]

Hi, i have a small jungle base on the island where “Pagoda of Boundles lusts” is located it’s on the far end of the island from the pagoda on the cliffs overlooking the beach. When ever i destroy a building block (foundation, ceiling or fence) most of my thralls (i lost 24 archers, and 10 entertainers) fall through base blocks and ground beneth it. At first i encountered this when i was fixing damage coused by the what reads in patch note “Updated collision on large trees to allow building nearby” a part of my base which is near a gigantic tree (the tree grows from the beach and it’s top is on the level of my base), So after acidently destroying a fence block all my thralls vanished for the first time. I rebuild and again destry a misplaced block the mass vanishing repeats once more after this i started testing placing thrals and destrying random blocks. Also when ever i log out at said base i return to the game beneth it (once i loged in stuck in building blocks had to use admin commands). All foundation and ceiling blocks i’m using are t3 reinforced stone blocks, outer walls and fence blocks are also t3, iner base walls are stonebrick.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. build something on said location place thralls
  2. destry block

Thralls are falling through player buildings… depending on your base they could all be dead or in the foundation

Mine where alive but in the foundation, had to destroy a lot of the floor luckily the ceiling stayed up to get them out.