Massive cheating on server #1111 - Reports are ignored

It’s a circus. Seriously the number of cheaters is mind blowing.
People are losing their stuff through walls & closed chests. Cheaters are using ESP, teleport to players etc… completely unnoticed.

The most frustrating thing about that is reports do nothing.
We’re being asked to post a video proof. How are we supposed to post a video showing someone in freecam stealing through walls in closed chests, filtered in log, killing animals & players at a distance?

Can you please do something?, like anything?
Log and see for yourselves or check the log, I don’t know.

Receiving a report reply saying that the case is closed because no video proof is too easy, i’m sorry.

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I am also on server 1111. Despite all these years of the game, to this day, it remains the most cheated game I have ever seen… I don’t even understand Funcom’s lax attitude in doing nothing and releasing paid cosmetic items without feeling like bad developers. And they dare to prepare “Dune”… Don’t expect an exceptional game; the community is just a wallet to them! It’s even possible that no competent person in their team is capable of managing this.

Yes, you’ll have to do some forensic work on the video to get an acceptable one. The PS4 always records, so you need something like that.

Honestly just go join a private server like Darfari and never look at officials again because this has been going on for years and now there are genuinely more cheaters than legit players on official.

Russia & China have won so we just let them battle it out for control of official and we enjoy fair raids and fights on private servers

“fair raids and fights on private servers”

LOLOLOLOL :face_holding_back_tears::face_holding_back_tears::face_holding_back_tears:

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Why is this funny I don’t understand?

Been wiped again by cheater clan, same server. Guys don’t even care anymore. I hid in a corner of the map waiting for pvp to end. Loging back at 11.15pm.
45 seconds after login, cheater clan member jumps on me and kill me.

I’m done with conan, it’s just a shit show.