Master Weapon Kit reducing durability for all types of weapons

Game mode (Singleplayer)
Game type (PvE)
TestLive client (Steam, Age of War)

Issue: After applying a master weapon kit to a weapon the durability shows as max, but as soon as the weapon hits an enemy and durability is removed, the durability is reduced by 50%. I am assuming this shouldn’t happen since the patch notes say: *" Adding a weapon/armor/tool modification kit no longer reduces max durability"

Weapons tested: baal pteor’s razer, perfected hardened steel sword, predatory blade, momentum, iron mace

I tested the other weapon mods (weapon damage, fencer, balanced, spiked) and they do not reduce durability

Steps to replicate:

  1. acquire any weapon with full durability
  2. apply the master weapon kit
  3. smack smack an enemy
  4. observe your durability max is reduced by 50%.

I have recognized the same. I tested it with the Ancient Lemurian Axe and with the Baal-pteor’s razer. Both modified with the master weapon kit.

Greetings Exiles,

Thank you for this report. Could you share a short video showing what you see in-game, please?

We appreciate your support.

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Thank you very much for this video and for your report. We will forward the link to our team for more investigation.

Have a great day!

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