Mature Gaming Servers EU/AOC/PVE/PC

Mature Gaming Servers

Open Hours: 24/7
Server Region: Europe
Platform: PC
**Direct: **

Server Details:
Server Name: Mature Gaming Servers AoC/PVE
Server Mode: PvE
Player Slots: 20
Map Type: Land of Exile
Server Info:

  • Experience multiplier 2.0
  • Harvest multiplier 3.0
  • Thrall and pet conversion multiplier 0.7
  • Durability multiplier 0.5
  • Stamina cost multiplier 0.7
  • Faster nights longer days
  • /Home commands
  • Quests and Puzzles
  • Decay disabled
  • Custom Warps
  • Loyalty KIts
  • Player Market
  • Custom Quest Chains
  • Learn all AOC Factions and Professions with custom Quests.
  • Arena’s and Holiday events are planned

Mod List:
Immersive Armor
Northern Timber
High Heels
Savage Steel
Stack Plus
Unlock Plus
Hosav’s UI
Control Panel
Tanny & Mo’s Trinkets
Better Thralls

Discord: Mature Gaming Servers

The Lion strode through the Halls of Hell;
Across his path grim shadows fell
Of many a mowing, nameless shape
Monsters with dripping jaws agape.
The darkness shuddered with scream and yell
When the Lion stalked through the Halls of Hell.
“The Scarlet Citadel”