Maximum party size?


Currently i have 3 members in my party and one on reserve. Can party size be increased and if so how large ?


Negative, only 3 memmax.


The game would get to easy with more then three active stalkers in the party


I encountered the 4th member now. I am a bit curious, because of his psychic abilities, but dont know…just love Dux and Bormin too much and Selma levelled really well, so its feeling more like a disadvantage in changing onw of them.


The psychic abillities are super fun, as you can get the ghouls fighting among themselves. I took him instead of Selma.


Does it work on a tank?


Yes, the only ones that it wont work on are the nova priests


Ok. I need to convert Tanks. :smiley: I try it out.


Well that would depend on if the game scale to allow for a larger party. You imply that difficulty doesn’t change as you progress to enable larger parties… oh well maybe mutan zero 2 :slight_smile:


Oh, that game. Just decided to use the Psychic and immediatelly next map found Farrow and she is just too cool to not take. :smiley:


Even on the hardest setting , it would be too easy with 4.

It would be nice if it was scaled up so more bad guys larger squads, kind of like long war for (new) xcom1