May we have a Questions/Answers Funcom is looking into Megathread Pinned Please?

Title says is all. Could we have a Megathread devoted to Just a simple : These questions are being looked into or these answers are being looked into by Funcom ?

This would go a long way for players looking for answers and keep the same questions from cropping up as much as most threads only last 7 days before being locked and forgotten by many. I would also hope this save the time of Funcom forum readers atleast for Conan Exiles having to read the same threads all the time over and over until their eyes must feel like are going to start bleeding.

Info: Google “Trello Conan Exiles” (without quotes) to see what the developer are looking at and working on not on the forums.

It would be nice to have a list again on what is being looked at and worked from the questions and requests tallied from these forums in one place . By the way I understand that the Trello board exists, but I hazards a guess many especially new players do not know of its existance and come instead to these forums for answers and/or information.


Good idea!

There are at least several policies that Funcom maintains which are not communicated or not communicated well. As such, there seems to be a lot of discontent among some unknown percentage of players. A Q&A Mega Thread where some policy guys are attentive would go a long way, and of course would be pretty awesome!


Thank you! I just hope @Funcom thinks its a good idea as well. Infomation fog and mazes sucks for us veteran players so I figure it is a Nightmare for new and returning players just looking for insight or update.


I think we’re going to be in an information blackout till 3.0 is close to release. Call it a hunch.


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