Yes. new forum hype!

Having a forum is going to be sooooo much easier to find things in! Thanks Funcom for setting this up!


Hell yeah!! :smiley: Welcome! It may take some time for some people to get used to it, but it’s so nice to have info all in one place and much cleaner too.


I can understand why you would create your own forums, but I do not understand why you are locking the steam forums, that seems completely uncalled for. Why can’t you just use that thread talking about the new forums so people know where to get the latest news/info, but leave the forums open for those that want to use it?? I see you doing that on the CE reddit, or are you asking them to shut that down as well so this is the only option??

Steam forums will be viewable after locked. Please understand that we aren’t keeping both of them open because our CMs and moderators are already working between Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, and Steam. Spreading information and questions thin isn’t going to help. We wanted to make sure all information and answers are found in a centralized place.

Hype hype forum hype! :smiley:


Centralized place?? So does this mean you’re stopping the CE reddit pages, facebook and twitter??

Welcome Exiles to the new forums :smiley:

I’m sure they will use popular media to announce things and link this forum to it. I’m sure they will do the same on Steam page for this game also.

Yeah, we’ll still put announcements and such under the “news” tab on Steam. I understand if there are people who don’t want to use the official forums at all but still want to know what’s going on.

Do you also understand that there are people who like the convenience of using Steam forums on games that require Steam to play?? If your game requires Steam to play, then the most “centralized” place for information would be the Steam forums.

We have made the decision to focus our communications to our own forums. We understand you liked the Steam forums and we will continue communicating important news and announcements through there. We’ll gladly take your feedback into consideration, but at this time we will be focusing our energy onto these forums. Thanks!


This is awesome, awesome, awesome! I’ve been asking for a dedicated forum a year ago already and now you finally have one! Thank you! Now the community doesn’t have to be split between reddit, steam and discord groups anymore, all can centralize on your own forum. Good choice Funcom! :slight_smile:

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Make sure patch notes are easy to reach! =p

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Having a forum is going to make things sooo much easier? Are you serious? So what was the problem you couldnt find anything in the Steam forums? You know why they really moved the forums 3 weeks before launch right? Youll see on release day! Have fun!

Now ask yourself…why would they really move the forums 3 weeks before launch? Take your time, Im sure youll figure it out on release day! Have Fun!

@jev so great looking forums what platform does it run just wondering

If you think about control over posts they can edit/delete posts at steam as well. Btw, its not 3 weeks, its in may.

I like the idea of this forum, open to all exilers for all platforms (Xbox, pc, PlayStation). We can discuss the game, search for tips and tutorials, make suggestions, can look what other Exilers working on. Now the game is near to release, its time to give a real good forum to the supporters, the fans of this game. In Steam the forums seemed to be dominated from complainers and trolls. (They were only a few, but everytime the same ones). For myself, I am interested in this game and I don’t want to read why others hate it, this shouldn’t also be the point in this forum. It’s for fans, not for haters.

The forum software is called Discourse and can be found here:



I have nothing against the forum. This is a good forum. However, closing the steam forum is a bad idea. They could just say that this forum will be the center of coordination and discussion, that players can get here important information. Then it would not be necessary to close the forum on the steam. This would be a compromise solution.