Mods and No more steam moderator


I’m happy to see the forum back on funcom servers. Can we hope to see the same for mods. I wish we can uploading on fucom server and perharps to buy the game directly with funcom and no more have to deal with steam. I really love this game but steam community for me are really not enough tolerant.

Khain modders in steam and 3408 hours of play in Conan Exiles.

Steam is for kids.

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I try to avoid steam all i can, however, it is nice to gain easy access to mods from creative and talented individuals. If we could get mods straight from funcom and be able to bypass steam (since the forums are no longer hosted there) that would be great.

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But why re-invent the wheel? The infrastructure is already in place on Steam Workshop to deliver mods directly into the game. Unlike the forum shift, which gives Funcom greater centralization and management of its various game communities, what advantage would Funcom have in developing or supporting a different distribution method for mods?

Well the wheel is in perfect order over at nexus. That modding community is nice; its mostly for Bethesda or thats the impression you get. Ive read a lot of pointless rants on steam mod pages that made me scratch my head. Steams community is comparable to the 90%console exclusive community at Any other modders in the room can concur with me on that. You can tell a platforms age groups real quick just by reading comments on mods. So if Funcom was to use a different platform I would recommend Nexus. Dont touch their mod manager though! lol

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Again, what is the advantage? Less uninformed commentary? More dedicated modders? Where is the precedent that switching mod platforms will be better for Funcom in the long run?

I hope Funcom knows how baldy Steam sucks. As soon as the CE game logo pops up, X out of Steam. Then when your done (like your ever done) Dont forget to shut off Steam in your tray. It is a huge resource hog, that will not go away.

Us old kids give it one shaking cane down


I’m glad for Epic Games’ FtP experiment, as it demonstrates the desteamifying of an immensely popular game.

Until that day comes for Conan Exiles, my suggestion is to run Steam in low-profile mode. Keep it in your tray and set your Steam Settings to allow right-click launch for Servers, Friends, and Screenshots, plus Friends Status. Then you can launch CE from icon, start menu, etc., or by right-clicking Steam. And like @Hyborian_Jones sez, right-click Exit Steam to free your PC back up again.