Steam vs. Conan

The issue is chronic tragic and never been dealt with by you or steam, we can’t do it for you!

You can’t even contact steam about it their end of the problem they just blame you, so I will too. Your update system is sub standard and doesn’t work… After updates players have registry issues trying to load in and it blocks them saying “mod needs update”. This is not our problem it’s yours and it need to fixed after years of dealing with it I’m over it. For one… using Gportal you have a 10 minute delay to even get an update, my private server is instant, that’s just lame and you know it. Lately it won’t even update… it just locks you out from the server and forces you to verify and even then it doesn’t work because a player isn’t getting the updates via steam… can you please stop producing DLC’s and fix the current platform or at the very least talk to STEAM, after years of this crap, please do something… .also are we still using the original Unreal Engine… it has never been updated? Why is that?

En ps4 no lo tienes mejor, que llegan las actualizaciones con muuucho retraso.

After ranting in the modding discord for mod authors not updating their mods at your convenience now you came up with this? All I can say is that I am tired of your crap too …


Do you understand what he wrote? If so, can you explain? Do the rest of us even want to know? I’m honestly not sure what the message here is.

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There is so many things wrong with this statement.

Gportal isn’t controlled by Funcom, they are their own service.

Conan used a heavily modified 4.15, not the “original UE4.” And no, you can’t just press “update” like it’s a Staples button to update from 4.15 to 4.26 or whatever is the newest available.

Steam servers are what control mod updates, not Funcom. It’s Steams workshop, they host the mods for download on their servers.


They run like 30 mods on their RP server and they keep complaining that Funcom breaks their mods all the time and their server has to be down for days because of the mods they chose to run.

They also had the audacity to demand the mod authors to only update their mods under a strict pre-agreed schedule in order for the said RP server to not have to restart all the time. As expected, they were politely asked to uninstall their mods after multiple mod authors tried to reason with them and explain to them how this is not a feasible request.

Now they demand Funcom to fix the instances with Steam occasionally not recognizing the updates which results in the server and user running a different version of the mod and/or game and inability to connect until the both the server and the client are updated to the correct version with the common troubleshooting steps listed here:


Oh. Thanks for explaining.

I’ll never understand why people take up things that require responsibility, if they’re unwilling to shoulder that responsibility as soon as conditions are less than perfect. I mean, sure, you can’t know beforehand, but if you’re not up to the task, just let it go.




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I’m glad I wasn’t the only one thinking that. :crazy_face:


Not saying OP is right, but in essence, Funcom has put a lot of attention to make the game mod friendly. to then come around and say use mods at your own risk for features we think are good, but not worth time and effort to implement as base game content. And all I am saying is Funcom should not get a complete pass on mod issues if they endorse the use of them as much as they do.

They work with the mod authors and provide a lot of support to those who decide to work with them instead of against them. Funcom can’t be held responsible for abandoned mods and admins who can’t be bothered to do some basic troubleshooting.

P.S. Don’t get me wrong, I am not blaming the mod authors who decide to stop supporting/updating their mods and move on. They do this for free after all and sooner or later we all move on.

I am also not blaming the mod authors who need a week to update their mod due to lack of time but when we install mods we take the risk. I personally would not install a mod that is coded to break on every update and it takes a week for the mod author to update it after each patch.


citation needed

Everyone who has played Conan exiles knows that with any update there is a period in which the mod authors need to update their mods. Some mods have teams of people working on them and can update them very quickly since the dev kits usually come out prior to the update. Some mods are done by 1 or 2 people who have real life jobs and families and do what they can in their free time. So, when you have 30 mods you will have these mods being updated at different times thus causing your server to have to be restarted constantly as each mod gets it’s new update released. This is not funcoms fault in any way shape or form and to suggest that this has anything to do with funcom is just ignorance of the highest degree. As far as when the player gets a message that they had a different version of the mod than the server does, usually the server needs to update their version as a new version has been released since the server was last restarted. This is not always the case but is often the case. So again, this has nothing to do with funcom at all.

Can Funcom improve on the way they work with mod authors so that the fixup time is shorter? I don’t know, and the only people I would trust to be informed enough to answer are people who have been maintaining their mods over the course of at least 3 major updates.

So to anyone who’s criticizing Funcom for the way mods break: if you’re not a mod maintainer and don’t have 3 major updates under your belt, you have no business complaining.


But the least Funcom can do is have a way for users to certify/rate the quality of the mod. IE, Mod updates regularly or takes weeks.
Car example again:)
Ford makes the lot can kit out cars with aftermarket stuff. They use only certified by Ford parts. those parts cause major issue to car owner after purchase. Those parts should then be investigated by both Ford and car lot to verify thier quality again.

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That’s what the thumbs up/down on Steam is for. Mod users don’t need more ways to troll mod authors then they already have (mod authors get enough abuse as it is).


All I am saying is if the effort to fix code was given like it is to make it m9d friendly, we may have a better overall game for ALL players.

I say this as a production it guy. My jobs entail me to make reports, macros that make it easier for floor personel to use and understand, thus I have to build alot of if/then scenarios. That exactly the sake, but it still has same principle when you “open source” code for casual programmers(modders)

It’s not that I disagree with you, but if we’re talking about the least Funcom could do, they could offer practically no support for mods whatsoever.

Would it be nice if they gave us a mod catalog with all the bells and whistles, like reviews and ratings and stuff like that? Sure, it would. But that stuff has its own cost. It’s easier to leave it up to Steam workshop and dedicate the resources elsewhere. So it’s not really the least they could do, it’s more along the lines of serious gourmet shіt :wink:

At any rate, yeah, I’d like that, but it’s way beside the point of my rant. What pissed me off was that people feel free to talk smack about stuff they have absofuсkinglutely zero clue about.

Since we’re using analogies, let me dredge up one based on my real life experience. Let’s say you’re an endodontist and you did some work on my tooth. A week after the procedure you did, I check back with you because there’s an abscess there. I call you, we chat about it, you say I shouldn’t worry, but if I insist, I can come in and you can look at it. I do insist, you look at it, you repeat I shouldn’t worry, and you send me home. I end up losing my tooth.

Now, I’m completely entitled to criticize you for losing my tooth. I’m free to tell all my friends and acquaintances that you’re bad at what you do. But I’m not entitled to tell you exactly how you should’ve done the procedure, because I’m not a freaking endodontist and I have no freaking clue about what you do.

For some reason, people have that kind of attitude with software devs a lot more than with doctors or pilots, probably because software is “just typing some weird shіt into a computer, how hard can it be”. And being a software dev myself, I can’t help take that slightly personally :stuck_out_tongue:

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So all non devs are idiots, and thus why even have a forum to discuss the opinions on the failures/successes and effects of Funcom decisions on our gaming experience with their product? I appreciate ones expertise on whatever it is i talk to them about, but once the i do it/you don’t so you so do not cast/vent blame or negative opinions about it.

PS, i have done some very basic coding so do i get to have a 10% opinion at least?