Maybe Next Time, Before You Berate Folks, a Pause Would Be Nice


You do as you please. I will do as I please.

See how easy that is?

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You are welcome to your opinion.

I find it amusing that my entire point was:

“We are right to expect quality and error resolution. We are right to be angry and upset and want a better process. But we don’t have to be insulting.”

And some folks feel personally attacked by the request not to be insulting.

You have a nice day.

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Emotion. That’s the factor you need to take into account if you want to understand them. Few of us are completely immune to that factor.

It is, however, something we can learn to control. Something I feel we indeed should learn to control. Breaking windows and setting fire to stores is not constructive feedback, it only escalates the situation, and more people end up getting hurt.

No, we’re not your teachers or your parents. We are your fellow gamers who care about the community. We want to help you find better, more constructive ways to get over these trying times, as well as ways to stop hurting your fellow players and the community.

I feel no need to step in and defend Funcom. They screwed up. However, I am part of this gamer community, so I feel it is my business to do whatever I can to guide it into not hurting itself in its angry thrashing. Basically, I’d like to stop the situation from escalating into where the company needs to let slip the lawyers of war.

We should all be grown-ups here. Maybe we should act more like that, too.


Well you attempts/posts at reconciliation have led to failure every screwed up patch.- or as you say trying times.

Just saying.

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I guess I’ll need to try harder, then.


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