Meal recipes nothing in the stove

I remember being able to craft a lot of different recipes, at least, on single player. now Ive been away from the game from some time and Im on live. I dont see any recipes in knowledge to learn or anywhere in any stove. not that Ive made the highest level. but Im loathe to make a better one if there are no recipes. were these all tossed out with the update or what am I missing?

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You need to find and learn the recipes before they will show up in the stove. There are 10 different “Specialist Cooking” recipes to learn and you can find two of them in The Summoning Place, happy hunting. :sunglasses:

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I wish I could say that the entire idea of having to look for a recipe and probably get killed for wanting to cook and egg was a thrilling prospect but I think thats gonna be a tick against this game for me. and Im really rooting for this game as it is pretty amazing. but having to hunt for meals. hmmm I dunno about that. But thank you for the tip. Ill see if I cant pick any up without dying. death before cooking just not my idea of fun. lol

Dont even want me to tell you how I feel about ice. sure hope that still has an unlimited shelf life because Ive died six times just trying to get to it.

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Tell you what. Run in there and learn it and respawn from a bedroll some distance away. Or use Iron War Axe with lots of Aloe to heal yourself. The aloe in itself doesn’t weigh much, so craft healing potions as you need them. Bait out a few and work youself into the Summoning place.

As for Ice and Black Ice? Keep to the East side of the Frozen Lake (Eyelet Lake) and wear only fiber clothing that you craft in your inventory. For some reason it’s slightly better against the cold than normal beginner armor. You should be able to get up to some ice and black ice around the Obelisk without taking cold damage at any lvl.

As long as I can remember, many recipes have always been unlocked by discovering them, except for the few that comes with learning the Stove Feat

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Ice has an unlimited shelf life if placed in a preservation box. Otherwise, it’ll eventually melt. Black Ice won’t melt, but isn’t recommended for cooling your favourite beverage.


When you unlock “Stove” you instantly learn 9 recipes, including one of my all time faves. Exotic Feast (excellent warmth for cold areas without the thirst). You learn more recipes by finding them in the world. Improved Stoves don’t allow any extra recipes, mainly just more slots than a Stove.


OP, bread can also be made in any furnace. Odd i know, the thought of cooking bread where heavy metals are also smelted doesn’t sound tasty lol. To make bread throw plant fiber, seeds, and leavening agent in the furnace. Bread lasts for a couple hours which is great. You can also take this bread to the stove with some honey to make some honeyed bread if you like.


You should have 9 recipes as soon as you unlock the stove feat. If you don’t, some screenshots – of the feats tab and the stove UI – might help diagnose the problem.

Also, is this a fresh new single-player game you started or are you using an old save?

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Check your filters! We have recipe filters in all the crafting benches, maybe that’s why you cannot see the recipes that you must knew by unblocking the stove.


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