Food, recipes and cooks are useless

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Food can’t heal players or animals. So the recipes, stoves and cooks and materials are all useless. Do cleavers even have a use now? Did or do funcom ever think things through? Each patch or update just makes things worse. Good thing rust is out soon.

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Food heals, just slow over time. Like berries and eggs heal 1 every 3 seconds. Better food heals more.

Yeah my friend that has been the cook for the clan for a long time was nt happy about this change he doesn’t even want to play anymore please fix this or just remove the recipes

It’s true. The cook and stove seem useless now without recipes that are healthy. This is for both consoles.

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I agree. I found that the stoves cannot cook the basic stuff like gruel or even cooked meat (unless im missing something). So i end up having multiple cooking stations just to make something that heals when a basic shredded roast will do.

They should just make it to where the recipes give you a bonus to your stats over time for example +1 to all stats for having a good diet make it last for only 30 minutes then to get it again you will need to eat different recipes. Because right now their is no reason to cook recipes it’s pointless when you can just eat meat

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I like that idea, like a basic shredded roast gives +1 to survival, but if you get a roasted haunch it gives +1 to strength… maybe if you get a meal it gives +2 to 2 stats and a feast +3 to three stats… that’d be nice

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