Noob question. Please help without ridiculing

How do I create the stove? Is it from the improved campfire? How do I improve the campfire? I’m playing in an Xbox oneS and can’t figure it out. It’s very frustrating.

Not sure how new your character is, but Stove can’t be unlocked until level 29, and it requires the Bonfire as a prerequisite:

So the progression is:
3. Primitive Cook
7. Improved Campfire
16. Bonfire
29. Stove
55. Improved Stove


Also note that all those are separate objects that - while they are unlocked in order - cannot upgrade from one to the next.

If you want an improved campfire where a primitive one is today, you’ll have to remove the primitive one first and place the improved version next. Just in case the “upgrade/improve” terminology had you confused (you wouldn’t be the first!)


The same applies to all workstations. A blacksmith’s workbench can’t be “upgraded” to an Improved Blacksmith’s workbench - you need to pick up (or blow up) the earlier version and then set up the new one in its place. This is different from building blocks where you can just place a better building block over the weaker one and it gets replaced.

Also note that the Stove and the Large Campfire do different things: the campfire is (mostly) useful for cooking meat and fish, whereas the Stove has a specific selection of food recipes (which you can learn more by reading books sprinkled across the game world). So you’ll probably want to have both in any case.


How do I remove and add crafting stations? I’m playing on an Xbox one and am not understanding how to do it. Thanks for the previous info… it helps!

I thought I read that the new patch went live on XBox today, which is the patch that would add that functionality. Assuming XB1 uses the same radial-menu as on the PC version, then the option to pick-up an existing bench or chest would be on the radial menu.

No, I mean I’m my crafting menu. I see the campfire, but don’t see how to make the large campfire or the bonfire

use the search option? you need steel tools i think also

Like kelts mentioned, many feats have prerequisites that may be in different categories, though that doesn’t seem to be the case here.

Since I’ve heard that the consoles don’t have as good of search functionality as the PC, you’ll probably want to get in the habit of checking the wiki from your phone to see what you need to do since it will show you the prerequisites for each feat in the right-hand sidebar.

As you can see from these, you have to have ALL of the cooking feats in that chain, you can’t skip from the basic campfire to Stove just by being high enough in level. You’ll need to invest feat points in Primitive Cook, Improved Campfire, Bonfire, and Stove rather than picking Stove directly.

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Are you sure you have unlocked the bonfire in skills?

On Consoles, the menu can be abit weird.

If you look alone top. It’ll show your Level, and next to it the level of feat (what your spending points on) Abit of its trail and error figuring out how make them, but most of them have small line saying “created via ???” (all cooking stations are made by you)

Camp fire and larger one are made by you, (long as you spent a point in those feats)

On Ps4, you Hold Square,(I forget what that is on xbox) when facing a object (campfire, torch etc) to open radial on that object. And left trigger for personal radial.

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