Mega Thread about Patch 2.4.5 Issues and the after fix (from Steam Quotes)

Type of issue: Crash | Bug | Other
Edition: Steam
Quotes from: PC Patch 2.4.5 (14.06.2021) :: Conan Exiles Events & Announcements


Welcome to todays Bug Report,
today, we will check, what the recent Patch 2.4.5 also added to most of their Audience(s) Game.
Also the some Quotes from the after fix (second Patch on 14.06.2021, 6865669) were added below.

Why do I do this you may ask?

  • to move Reports to the recent patch into the forums
  • 'cuz I was asked to
  • 'cuz there must be done something

Quotes from Steam (14.06.2021 | 6839319)

From Raven: " funcom really? what about bosses in vault? we cant continue into the next room when boss is not there!!! And now game is corrupted? have to validate entire game?? "

From Bulli: " Das Update crasht die ganze Zeit! "

From Drankuss: " This is [censored], yeah small update 1.5GB. I can handle that with my crappy internet connection, after this i’m launchig the game and what? need to verify files, than guess what!? almost 5GB files to download ! "

From Aliriks ᚯᛚᚱᛁᚴᛦ: " Fatal error crashes for me right after this patch… Stupid "

From G-Specter: " Great job, funcom. Now the game keeps crashing when I try to enter my single player world… ! "

From Ylhxo: " I stuck on funcom load screen never happened before but when i updated the game i stuck in the funcom loadscreen. fix this pls. "

From Clover Ocean: " Restarted 2 times, Verified files 3 times and still can’t launch the game after this update. So sad right now. I don’t have the internet speed needed to uninstall and reinstall before my baby horses go poof. "

From Tiagux84: " Am I the only one who had an 80 megabyte update and my disk reached 100% and I was forced to restart my PC because it was completely blocked?
and I have SSD disk and it works fine in everything but whenever I get a game update the probability of the disk reaching 100% is high "

After Fix (14.06.2021 | 6865669) Steam Quotes

From BasenjiMaster: " I still have stuttering on my server. I thought this issue was fixed. "

From Shambo Kay: " Vitality Perk 5 does not work "

Bug Description:

See above

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I expereince also the funcom never ending loading screen after the update. I cannot play any funcom games.

Greetings @Sypher,

Thank you for compiling the reports, we will review them individually and forward the information to our team.

We appreciate your support.

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I’m not getting any crash, freezez or infinite loading screens. The game performs really well for me.
I’m running on Win10 with latest updates. Same for my graphics card, recently updated.


Hey there @Cornelius,

It seems the loading issue was a mismatch on the launcher version, should be fixed now. Could you give it another try and let us know?

Apologies for the inconvenience.


on the wilds mod server, it is effectively alt-tabbing itself to the taskbar, on the standard exiles server it’s crashing approx every 30 seconds. Pretty please don’t get so high and mighty about expecting constructive comments from people that have spent 90 minutes trying to do something simple and the game keeps crashing. Perhaps they should give @ignatio a break and let some devs read these comments

More Quotes were added from People still facing issues after the second Patch from 14.06.2021.

I am not sure how useful this thread is to be honest, there is hardly any info to work with in most of these quotes. My game crashed … well, ok. Have you checked your mods? There are a few issues that have been acknowledged by Funcom and it is probably better if you pass the info to the steam people by linking them the dev response.


If you follow the Steam Update which is linked within this Thread, you would see, that I ask people to join the boards for their Issues.

In general, I’m most of the time wasting my time troubleshooting within the Steam Discussions.

It was fixed fortunately.

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You know, the game runs great for me and my palls and all, and looks great on my very very nice computer, but whats the deal with the lighting effects on the exiled lands? And the blinding fake sandstorm?

Isle of siptah looks pretty dang good, but the jungle in the exiled lands is washed out by the sun, theres this hard blue lighting at dusk and dawn, and the rediculous sandstorm that comes through that is like pure saturated white is a killer. Not literally since it does no damage or in game effects, it just kills your eyes.

I run the game all settings on ultra 4k, my palls do mostly as well, our machines are great and a bit different from each other but we still get the same exact effects. The only common denominator is that we’re playing Conan lol.

I hope this is on a list of things to fix

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