Crash at launch exile : BUG LATEST UPDATE? (end of November)

More than 370 hours of problem-free gaming, before on the same machine : Conan Exile,I play solo through Steam.

At launch fatal error message “the UE4 Conan sandbox has crashed” before even connecting to the FUNCOM server If I ignore the message the game still starts but stops after about 10 minutes each time. Twice, after several short sequences of play, I even got a blue screen from Windows indicating “memory problem”.

On steam, I checked the integrity of all files: ok

Memory checked ok and SSD hard drive checked: OK

Windows 10 integrity checked: ok All drivers up to date Since around November 3: never a problem. In desperation, I uninstalled and reinstalled the game (I lost my save and my character…)

No improvement

I contacted the FUNCOM support service who responded as follows: “it seems like your issue could have been caused by a bug. In this situation, I’ll ask you to contact my colleagues over at the Forums as they are more equipped with the necessary information and tools to
tackle bugs. Today I changed my graphics card (updated): RTX 4070.
It didn’t change anything…

There hasn’t been an update in a while. Couldn’t it be that you are using the public beta client while running mods?

Greetings @francoisg3 ,

Thank you for reporting this issue to us, but could you please use the given Bug Report Template?

This template has most of the information we need to start investigating and will make the process a lot quicker for everyone :smile:

You can find it here: NEW Bug Report Template

Thanks in advance!