MEGAversary Fashion Show event with Radio Free Gaia July 14th


Hallooooo! Posting flyer and information about this event on July 14th starting at 2pm (EDT) for the Megaversary :heart: Happy 1 year Birthdaze, SWL!
Prizes will be awarded to the best dressed. (Pet accompaniment optional xD)

Categories will be:
New England Fall
Egyptian Summer
Romanian Winter

The MEGAversary 2018: 29th June - 14th July



Grats to all the winners!
For New England Fall:
1st - Gaem
2nd - Jaez
3rd - Gothx


For Egyptian Summer:

1st - Jaez
2nd - Gothx
3rd - Drina


Romanian Winter:

1st - Jaez
2nd - SaoSao
3rd - Mefitis