Melee Combat and Hitbox Collision

[Currently playing on a Testlive Server]

Melee hitboxes need to be adjusted across the board for all weapons and the crosshair should be informative and help players understand where attacks are going to hit. Currently, attack hitboxes (and where weapons connect) feel so inconsistent. My character’s attacks should focus on the same area, rather than changing focus for each different attack in a chain. It just makes combat feel so haphazard, especially when fighting different sized enemies, or dramatically different hitboxes.

TLDR; Make hitboxes more reliable and remove the guess-work from attacking. I’m tired of attacking past crocodiles and shoebills, etc.


Yes I agree, combat feels a bit clunky when your hit just bypasses enemies. Make them more consistent ye

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I agree, I also feel that hits on our characters could be more readable, I mean, the “ouch” animation is a bit lacking, we should feel that we’re being hit.

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I can’t tell you how many times I’ve shot past an enemy, who is stationary and I’m targeting, and hit my thrall instead. XD

Don’t even get me started on spiders.

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