Melee DPS Dark Templar


Agree a lot with the last part, but I do want to spit in: Conqs debuffing is pretty awesome for groups :smiley:


Dps conq is much more useful than dps DT!


It is. However I still wouldn’t stack the raid/group with them :smiley:


It’s 2019, no reason to hate on dps dts


you are right, it’s time to hate everyone and everything for no reason, but especially DPS tanks.


The reasons were very specifically listed out. It isn’t remotely for “no” reason


It was a joke, cause today everyone is offended and hates at the same time.

DPS Tanks have no room in my groups, even if a DPS CONQ is a debuffing machine.

It mostly just stresses the MT, because they usually have not enough hate decrease for their dmg or they are crap in the first place.


I think the main issue with this is a “career dps tank”. If an actual tank goes into a dps spec in a raid or group when the MTing is good, then that is great. If you create and only ever plan to be a dpser on a tank class then you are wasting a spot for people that can and will do both, or a class that is a better fit.