Membership Rewards?

I understand that the teleport coins one can get as a membership reward are per character, but could someone please tell me whether the other rewards are per account or character, for example the Feat Specialisation and Conqueror’s Crown, etc?

Many thanks.

EVERYTHING per character. Which is why its so great ;D also, if you already unlocked the step, you can pick up those items on alts even if sub ended. Teleport coins however can only be picked up when subbed as you get those monthly.

It is great, but not as great as offline levels and veteran tokens were.

You can claim the teleport coins on all your characters once every month, and the rest are one time per toon, with a few exceptions where it’s for just one character. Just read the description when you click on the item’s icon.

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Thank you both for the replies and clarification.


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