Memento Mori RP!



New RP server. Not meant to be like real life (relaxed RP server settings), come have fun and tell a story. Lore driven RP and the gods are jealous. Relaxed community looking for more people to join in and be crazy, be weird, be the serious commander, build a clan, build an empire, or be a wandering fool like me.

You can check out the RP ruleset here: and decide if this is something for you.


We have something going on here and its fun! Looking forward to meeting whoever you want to be.


Things are picking up here on Memento Mori RP. Still just getting things rolling but activity is picking up.


Bumpo. Ya’ll should join. It’s really chill here.


Also, if you are new to RP, or just want to give it a try, MMRP is a good place to start. Easy going crowd.

WANTED: Alchemists. Cooks. Thrall takers. Armor smiths. Blacksmiths. etc. Hunter/gatherers. you name it.


Come join us. Your bloody story awaits :smiley:


Come join us, you driven men!

While you’re at it, join the GoldFingers. We are a clan of traders looking to create a wonderful Oasis town for all to enjoy to the fullest. We need more members to join as there isn’t a lot of us, but with the right numbers we can create a wonderful trading hub for all to come and spend their money!

Join GoldFingers and you will be promised a home to stay at with all the resources you may need!


Rising Clans:

GoldFingers: A small merchant clan founded by Ta’Likai that provides relaxing services for distant travelers. His plan is to set up shop and provide fair prices for all so that all is fair within the miserable badlands of the Exiled Lands.

The Black Ring: The crew of the notorious Captain Worhal T. Gumbar. Be they friend or foe? Strike a bargain and riches will flow your way! Steal from us, and you’ll be at the bottom of Booty Bay.


Just a few of the interesting characters that are developing:

  • Kieron was once a researcher for Thoth Amon, the Wizard that uncovered the bracelets. They had discovered scrolls that pointed to a great power, the parts that could be deciphered said that a bracelet they had found with them would allow them to understand the rest of the knowledge. Thoth not wishing to risk himself to an unknown magic, had Kieron place it upon his arm. Doing so unlocked the language of the Giant Kings. He could read the rest of the scrolls and pointed Thoth towards an unknown city to discover more. Thoth went off on a journey to find this city while Kieron stayed behind to decrypt the rest of the scrolls. In his research he discovered many things that he did not devulge to Thoth, for he began to see Thoth was not the man of knowledge he thought he was, but an evil sorcerer. With the information he had unlocked before Thoth went on his journey to the unnamed city, he knew they could make the world a better place, a place of peace, but upon Thoth’s return he planned to use the knowledge he unlocked for true evil. In trying to keep the knowledge from Thoth, he burned the scrolls and tried to escape with his mate. Unfortunatly they were caught, and before his eyes Thoth murdered his wife Leah, and her soul used and destroyed to rejuvinate Thoths life. Thoth not wishing to lose what he considered so valuable an asset, that might in the future unlock the secrets he had destroyed in the scrolls, decided to place him in the Exiled lands. Kieron for his side, plotted his revenge, which has tainted his altruistic beliefs. The knowledge he had not shared with Thoth, of rituals and items in the Exiled lands. Places and ways reality could change Kieron now saw use of this to bring back she who he lost.
    Professions: Master Builder, Armorsmith.

  • Tegan Kalroch is a nomadic monk and servant of the gods. They’ve been gifted by the gods with a great purpose to collect sacred relics for the temple.

Tegan set off on a grand quest, traveling all around the lands collecting the sacred relics. They just found the last one, a golden camel, and bartered for it out in a desert oasis, 50 miles from the nearest town. On their way back they were jumped by bandits and left to die on the road just outside of a town. Eventually someone from town came, helped and brought them to the temple.

Tegan shared the story with the priests. The priests were enraged saying, “With all the relics together, in one place, those bandits could become like gods.”

Tegan was sent out to retrieve the relics with over a dozen guards, but it was too late. The bandits found a sorcerer who activated the relics and they became immortal. Tegan’s guards were all but killed and they ran away back to the town with just a sliver of life.

The priests were not happy with Tegan’s failure and as punishment they were strapped to a cross and left to die.

  • Ta’Likai - He was a simple merchant before becoming part of a plan that resulted in his exile. Without naming names, he and a friend of his had planned to swindle a tribe and abuse their stupidity. They traded a few berries they claimed to give magical powers for a few of the wives of the tribe. Ta’Likai wasn’t so keen on the trade at first, but lust got the better of him in this situation. His urges led him to not only defile a woman’s body, but the princess of the tribe, no-less. His friend wasn’t too hesitant however, he took woman after woman, tempted to take one of the children as well, but it was at this time that the tribesmen had caught on to their rouse. They killed Ta’Likai’s friend and ran him out of the area before he found himself in captivity. He was knocked out and found himself surrounded in sand when he had awoken. It was now that he decided never to swindle another man again as long as he lived, if he would live long at all.

  • Captain Worhal T. Gumbar! Captain of The Black Ring and scourge of the high seas! Wanted for: Treason, murder, thievery, public indecency, vulgarity, property destruction, habitual drunkenness, smuggling, forgery, sailing under false colors, looting, poaching, brigandage, depravity, vandalism, arson, kidnapping, perjury, torture, blowing up a tavern, defacing holy icons, and numerous heinous crimes. Reward: 2,000,000 Gold Doubloons and a full title of nobility within the royal houses of Aquilonia.

Captain Worhal T. Gumbar’s ship was last seen sailing near the Cursed Wall of the exiled lands. Reports of a sunken ship bearing his black banners are all that remain of the elusive pirate. He is assumed dead and/or well armed. – A notorious cutthroat and explosives expert, Captain Worhal T. Gumbar shouldn’t be taken lightly. His only loves in life are gold, silver, and beer. A promise of any is generally enough to strike an accord with this red bearded corsair! Fear not ye hearties! Greed and booze will always get the better of this pirate! Being a murderous scourge, exiles may find that his stock of trade goods are always filled with interesting finds.

Professions: Slaver, alchemist/explosive expert, drunk



MMRP Arena Event. Each attendee will receive ONE piece of flawless epic armor of their choosing. Those who prove themselves by entering the pit and doing battle will receive 2 legendary repair kit. He or She who proves themselves a most deadly combatant will win ONE thrall of their choosing. (Thrall must be based on your professions).


More interesting characters. Bandits are on the loose, Purge is threatening. good trade happening.

Demetri Deoviski- It was his last job. His last run. Being a Zamorian thief, stealing was second nature to him as he climbed over the balcony into the mansion of a Khauran bureaucrat. He didn’t know the name of the individual. Only that it was Demetri’s job to plant false evidence for the upcoming election to make this “well-known” bureaucrat crumble in the polls. It didn’t matter to him. All he needed was to complete the job and get paid, so he could be done with the Spider cult and retire to his true love… cooking! The job went without a hitch. Easy old one-two, but just as Demetri was planning his escape he was intentionally caught. Surrounded by palace guards and knocked unconscious. Demetri was put on trial and sentenced to life in the wasteland. In his years surviving this wretched waste he perfected his cooking abilities and opened a tavern by the name Inn Way Too Deep as a motto for his past life of crimes. He now resides there providing food and drink to all those who enter his establishment.
Professions- Master Chef, Master Mason,Thief.

Melodie love to travel like her ancestors did since shes half viking and valkyrie till she came across a old building that needed spurcing up. She open small tavern named oasis tavern till one tragic group of yog worshipper merc’s came and trashed and burn her tavren. Now back to square one for her as she came across a lonely woman Look more damage then Mel was then agree to find a place for them to restart once again Oasis tavern a bigger one with food and drinks.
Professions- Master Brewer and Builder

Iduna: Skilled Blacksmith (all weapons, shields, tools) and Cook/Butcher. Iduna is a Nordheimer who was raised by her three uncles in the exiled lands. They all taught her everything she knew, from fighting to preparing great feasts. Her uncles left on a journey to find more food and resources and was sacrificed in the jungle by Derketo worshippers. She met another Nord female and they aspire to build a tavern, providing food and drink to any who visit

“Where am I now?” Dust wakes up with a dull pain pulsing in his back. Probably the stab wound. He has partial memories, he was a caravan guard, traveling with important cargo and cutting the throats of anyone on the highway that got too close for comfort. It was a good life, working and traveling through Aquilonia, Cimmeria, Nemedia, Brythunia. He still feels the pride of being the one person that didn’t fear the sons of guns out there, that would make sure that business could be done. Yet important things are missing in his memory. Who were his friends? Did he have a family? Where was his home? How did he get here?

Worrying about this incomplete memory nauseates him, so he blocks out the problem. He wanders through this strange land, scrounging by, looking for a job. Sure, he can handle sleeping and surviving in the wilderness, but who really wants bugs crawling around their body and morning mist giving their sinuses pain for long?

He runs into a beautiful woman in the middle of nowhere, past the city, just standing on the foundations of some building. Still looking for work, Dust takes a chance, and inquires. Turns out Mistress Ari is starting a house of lady favors, and could use a guard. He gladly accepts for a bit and works on some building construction, but it seems to not be working out. He decides to head north, and start a security company called Security Guild. He offers his services to rent out protection at events, travel, bodyguarding, building security, or other security interests.(edited)

professions - weaponsmith, tool making (since he knows weapons anyway) (I would start those prof low to mid tier but RP learning more), - RP-wise he is sometimes available for protection jobs


Bumpo. Don’t be shy, fellas! It’s a fun server!


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