Menu Loop, can't log in to any server. Reinstall does nothing

Game mode: [Online servers]
Type of issue: [Misc]
Server type: [Any]
Region: [NA]

When I attempt to log in to my usual server after selecting play online and finding my server, the game goes to check the mods i’m using, and then closes only to reopen the main menu. It does this and will not log into the server I’ve selected. Attempting to select play online again shows only an empty server list. Attempting to direct connect form here shows the error message “Could not connect to server. Unique ID not valid.”

Attempts to log into alternate servers have yielded the same results.
Reinstalled the game 3 times, manually, uninstall through steam, and deleting files to have steam re-verify and download.
Nothing has solved the problem.
Game is unplayable please help!

Hey @ManofGuile

For reference, which mods are you playing with?

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