Meteor shower bug!

Game mode: [Online | PC offical 1517
Problem: [Bug |
Region: America

Was in the area when some meteorites fell,seen a bunch,found 2 with no shell,could mine them with no bombs/orbs…by the time I got to the other 2 they were gone…thinking they had no shell too cause once you get the shell off they disappear pretty fast…I did find one with a shell but I couldn’t crack it with 2 bombs so I stopped.

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Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.log on wait for meteor shower
2.hunt fast

You got lucky I saw meteor fall right before my eyes like 8 of them all fell close to me. No outer shell but as i walk to them they all got suck into ground fast. BTW This in PC not playstation but still same game so there it is.

Yep pc too,I had to edit my post lol sorry

Well the problem with posting this stuff here is that no dev will ever check it out because they gave up supporting PS4 the day they released CE.
Also it will make visitors falsely think that some features are partially working on PS4

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Well fudge!! How did I post here!!! Damn lol