Midnight Grove Bosses NOT spawning!

Game mode: Online, private server]
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvP
Region: NA

Bosses are simply not spawning at all in Midnight Grove. Here is our current mod list:
Mod list: Pippi 880454836
Cupcake Aesthetics Mod ID 1532737846
Condemned RP - Decor 1437856038
Condemned RP - Beast Props 1437707581
Exile Architect 1403991684
Savage Steel 1367404881
Emberlight 1369802940
Emberlight - Lament 1401451646
Black Circle 1441983439

Anyone else getting this particular bug?

All NPCS except base-game hyenas (regular, quadrupedal) do not spawn. Bosses, portals, and other special effects are not present. Player is able to walk through entire dungeon without defeating bosses (no portals, no human npcs, only npcs that spawn are the hyenas in the first section of the dungeon.) Voice-over working, subtitles working, proc at appropriate times.

Talk to the mod owners about this…or check them off one at a time to see which is causing the issue. I can tell you the dungeon works without mods, so it has to be an issue with one of them. Good luck!

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