Might not be NEW, Still an issue

I am sure I am not the ONLY one with this problem. I was able to join a single player server. When I try to join ANY server online, mod or no mod it IMMEDIATELY stops responding and I have to restart the computer to close down the game.

I just wanted to play, preferably with mods. Any ideas?? Oh, I wish there was a server that still had the nudity and sexiles option. SIGH… They always find a way to ruin a good thing.

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You said you have tried joining any server but have you tried joining an official. Furthermore, are you running mods? If so, have you tried deselecting the mods from the launcher and then launching the game and trying to join an official server.

As for the nudity, there are numerous servers running full nudity and there are still sex mods if you need such. I am not following but I think Thrall War and Beyond Theatrics might be something to look into.

Just to confirm, are you saying that the computer becomes completely unresponsive? You can’t open the start menu using the Win key, or open the Task Manager using Ctrl+Shift+Esc and kill the game from there, or even lock the computer using the Win+L shortcut?

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