Minature Animal Pen - Can't pick up

I messed up and placed a miniature animal pen so that the sign is inside a cliff. Since that seems to the only location on the object that you can interact with, I can’t figure out how to pick it up. Any ideas? I do have admin privileges on the private server. (lots of mods being used, too many to list. Pippi’s, LBPR, etc.)

With admin priviledges it should be possible for you to ghost inside the terrain and view the part of the pen that is inside the terrain. That should then let you interact with it (at least, that’s what I’ve had to do for the occassional foundation, so it should work the same with other objects).

LBPR is the issue. It’s a great mod for building. However it gives you a little bit too much freedom. You need to be mindful of how much of something you bury into the landscape.

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I have way more problems with Pippi move than LBPR (and neither are that problematic).

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