Minecraft with partial nudity - game has little features beyond harvest and build!

i have logged 50+hours (maybe more). hoping i just was missing something. but here it is:

building/harvesting - B+/A
combat - C
clan experience - D (no group feature, can’t see members on map, and common land/container a fail)
adventuring - B (combat pulls it down and failed/bugged corpse runs)
loading times - D
official server coming down notice - F
user-interface - C
story content - C

overall i would give CE a C+.

Minecraft has mounts and sorcery actually…and a procedurally generated world, not to mention holding more than 40 players for server instance. :stuck_out_tongue:

You forgot to list all the lore the game has. I love finding all the ghosts and booklets laying around and reading them.

Is it perfect? Oh hell no, but I think it’s a kick ■■■ game.

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It’s OK. The problem is combat lag and the roaming douchebags- one with a sword and the other with a bow and then you can’t do jack S cause half the time the rubber band is so bad you can’t face your enemies.

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