Minigames and developement after 60

After the recent updates on Conan Exiles there are more things to do, and better items to loot, wich is great.

Now, i have expressed many times that the game needs a full blown exp pack now, 20 more levels including all the stuff you need to make it.

Sence this apparently aint gonna happen any time soon, why not make different mini games for the population to encounter?

PvP will allways have someone to grief or attack, for the pve scene there are far and few between the things you can experience after you retire at 60.

I would like to see us all having use for the best items in-game, and i would like us to be skilled for rewards aswell.

The minigames can be a castle raid, 1v1 combat etc etc, just as long as there are rewards included so you get some sort of reward for sucess.

It`s fine to hunt new items, and i cant wait for the new dungeons to be delivered, this will truly help and be a massive incentive to play and develope your character to its full potential, especially if some of them are hard and require new and top items to clear.

Dungeons, 4 incoming, great
Exp pack?

The world of conan is starting to be really nice, i ask Funcom to deliver us the best survival experience ever.

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