Minimap to make things easier


How about a minimap? Because opening the big map all the time, it sucks. And it takes too long. could be allocated to the lower right of the screen instead of the punch options that appear.


For convenience sake it’s nice to have but I think they left it out for immersion purposes. They also mentioned that they are trying to avoid making it MMO style and try and keep it a sandbox.

You could implement some kind of bloodhound potion to highlight enemies in the vicinity with some kind of smoke trail. This wouldn’t break immersion and would give some interesting twist to pvpers. I know this doesn’t replace a minimap but it’s a good start I think.


I liked the idea. I’ll try. there are ways to implement a minimap without getting stuck inside the box and without compromising immersion. :slight_smile:


No it will never happen!

And no need for it!


Several arpgs allow for a minimap which still lets the player look through it.

However with the size of the map I dont think that would be needed.
At least we dont have to paint our own map, lol.


No need for it, so easy to read the land marks around you, as peole did b4 they got stuck in ther shtupid Phones!


I could get behind a compass or just a simple marker of where North is, minimap is unnecessary though.


There is a great delay between opening the map and close it on the Xbox S… That’s why the idea. I believe that ideas need to be debated in a healthy way. I agree with the northern idea or a rose of the winds.


A compass would solve all of my navigation issues.


Except that it already exists as a mod for PCs, but mods aren’t available for consoles.


Still never gonahappen! Stop all those atampes to destry the game whit easymode!


Bussola!!seria uma boa!!


Também acho, mas tem gente brava achando que facilitaria o jogo. Não Acho. É complicado estar acostumado a jogos triple A, com qualidade em construção rs.


Directional issues wouldn’t be a problem if the Sun would rise in the east and set in the west with a low to mid arc in the south, and maybe a brighter north star for night time. Plus, it might help people in real life. Real constellations would be cool too, but the seasons don’t change, so that might not work.


you have landmarks to go by.