Minimum system requirements. Changed or not?

Any Info in regards to topic title?

I am asking this because everyone that was able to play the game until 2.0/2.0.1 with a lower system requirements then what Funcom was claiming to be need it in order to Run the game…now are unable to play anymore…

Was this thing even mentioned in any of the Patches? I looked through the patch notes since 2.0 release and cannot find anything…

It is a change that Funcom failed to mention?

Maybe one of the moderators/Developers can explain why?

Would be cool to receive an answer. 3 weeks now since certain players cannot start their game anymore because of this change not being mentioned…

Please do not say “nothing changed” i’ve tested this with 4 Different Systems…

I think I missed something; you do or do not have the minimum requirements? Just because it ran below minimum and now it doesnt is not a reason to make it run below minimum. They post those requirements so that you dont buy a game you might not be able to run. If you exceed the minimum and it wont run, thats a problem, but if youre below minimum, youre out of luck.

To be fair, the minimum requirements should be updated because the game has been further developed over the years. However, if your system is even below the minimum requirements listed on the steam page (which are outdated), then you should be happy that it was working until now and you got your hours out of it.

I Had above required since may 2018.

Before that Used to have a i3 Intel Based system + NVIDIA gpu(1060 3gb)

Since release i changed to AMD, ryzen 5 and Last year in Summer i got a ryzen 7 3700x.

Last week i changed again to i7 + 1080ti gpu.

The game only starts/Run with the latest Upgrades. With the other 3 combinations the game crashes with Different errors right After the intro movie ends or at connecting to Funcom Services. From fatal error to device hung/remove, d3d11 errors…and so on.

My question is…why i cannot Run the game on previous Systems After the 2.0 Update.

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… and you will get the answer when Funcom reviews the logs of the people experiencing issues with AMD and finds the root cause as per this thread (which you are already aware of).

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Narelle you are kinda clueless even though you try Hard to Cover the Lack of communication from Funcom side. For that i thank you, but still back off a bit.

Even if no one says anything in regards to Conan Exiles: The Exiled Lands being unplayable since Siptah release…this is a serious issue.

I would not complain over and over again if Funcom would only communicate with the people for which the game is not even starting( not to mention the Amount of NEW bugs that camed with 2.0)…when 1.0 was released over 2 years ago.

So… Funcom, when will we receive some Info in regards to why the release of 2.0 has been launched in this state…2.0 is in EA, no Problem…
But why your core game entered EA together with Siptah?

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No they not updated , game is developing but if they upgrade system req so fast then they loose players that they already have… I mean if game in EA it can change system req ( even after years of EA, like that PUBG devs did or Dayz… BAD games )

So far if u get some visual malfunction then its because bugs… because only time when steam games can evolve they system req is when they are EA, after that, dunno if that is useful, i once asked ubisoft supports about one of they game system req, they said me that steam does not even allow to do that that was some rule or something, that only time that devs can change system req of steam games is in EA… and so far i think conan exiles are out of EA period… all other what they add in game SHOULD be inside that what steam info says … but while in EA it can change… check out steam ea games info text and when its fully release…

Hope this helps, but so far i dont see any changes in conan exiles gameplay (system req)

---- Edit ----

Also on what systems u tested it, i have even less system than u provided info about… and i can play on medium settings…

Neo i’ve posted above what system i used.Cpu and gpu. Motherboard/soundcard is not important in this case.

My game was running more then fine with ryzen7 and 1080 ti. Last friday i switched from ryzen AMD to Intel i7, same gpu.

I can run the game with the new Upgrade, but all Others get the same startup crash.

i3 + 1060
i3 + 1080 ti
Ryzen 5 + 1060
Ryzen 5 + 1080 ti
Ryzen 7 + 1060
Ryzen 7 + 1080 ti

All of These get the start up crash. What Made me wonder even more was…until patch 2.0.4 my game was not creating any crash reports on AMD CPU Systems, but i was getting fatal error/ue4 Engine error/d3d11 error…on the i3 system i was Getting the error report thing but no crash report again…

I did not tried i7 + 1060 because i was satisfied to see my 400+ Euros spend on the Upgrade work. Because After X Amount of Windows and X amount of Conan Exiles installs i just Had enough of it…100+ hours on installing and reading forums(more desperate to find a fix for this then Funcom themselfs)…


Maybe i should also cry about the hundreds of hours lost in game because of not being able to log in and Reset the decay…

Conclusion: this is not only a AMD related issue. Older Intel CPU’s behave the same but give a better result( you can see the crash happening), in AMD everything vanishes without a trace( up until 2.0.4).

@Ignasis please do not merge this thread with the other crash topics. I’m not looking for a Solution related with those topics.

I just wonder when you guys from Funcom come out and make a Statement that you messed up the release of 2.0 quite badly. Wonder when will we get rewarded something in game for this mess…but looking at the poor Console players…low Chances for something like this to happen.

Have a nice day/night. I’m off to play Conan Exiles! @morais1991 ha!!!

The Mrs PC is so old it has a Nvidia GTX 750 in it.
Still runs both games fine.

They really need to update the sys req’s. I had constantly monitored my system when I used to play and the demand on my system (i.e. GPU usage…etc.) had gone up several times following some updates. In essence, people who buy the game from Steam now don’t have a clue what they’re getting into based on the requirements listed. It even still reads 64GB disk usage…it’s now over 100GB.
Don’t hold your breath waiting for meaningful answers from these Devs.

We are playing on PC. Literally thousands of software/hardware combinations that can affect the way a game performs.

Make sure you don’t have Geforce Experience installed. It screwed up several of my games. Just have the driver installed, not the rest of the program.

My headset has also cause me issues with a few games.

Make sure you update all your software, and hardware. Really go in and check the most recent patches available. You would be surprised how having a months old graphics driver, could affect known performance issues.

And then also make sure you only have necessary programs running in the background.

I remember, years ago, I had some stupid windows program that would always ruin my game experiences. Took weeks to figure out what it was, but when I finally identified the program, I could just stop it from running at startup and the issues ceased. Further looking online identified it as a stupid windows related problem, a lot of people had it.

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Hey @Coty

Regarding your initial message:

If playing with hardware specifications below the requirements listed, It can’t be guaranteed that system will be able to run the game correctly.

Regarding the issues with AMD hardware, we are already gathering data and investigating based on that, in the thread you are already aware of.

Any other specific hardware issues or crashes seem to be isolated and system-specific and should be reported in the bugs section.

The technical issues you are experiencing don’t seem to be related to the minimum requirements of the game, as the hardware combinations you listed are above that. On the why of that connection between those topics, or other topics and platforms thrown into the conversation- we’re not quite sure.

As a final note, please remain civil especially when interacting with other members of our community.