I need help getting back to the game

I am trying to run the game on my PC but it keeps crashing. I recently installed Windows 8.1 and whenever I get into Character Creation screen, my game drops fps and then proceed into getting this error: DXGI ERROR DEVICE REMOVED.
I was able to run and play the game, deleted my characters because I wanted to start again from the beginning, and mail some of my friends. All this happened before I installed Windows 8.1. My PC’s previous OS was Windows 10.
I read a bunch of article and some of it were implying that the GPU could be overclocked. I’m not sure if it was the case. So I asked my brother, the previous owner, about it and he said he can’t remember.
I think I might have to replace the GPU but if there is a simple solution to this, please let me know.

Google says reinstall your graphics drivers or fiddle with the registry if you’re a computer wiz.

I’m buying a new GPU. Not sure tho if I will still try and play the game. Seems like a dead game to me. Might try still but I dunno lol
Thanks btw for your help

Isn’t there a shortage of GPUs? Or absurd pricing on those available?