Minor bug: armorer thrall slot

Game mode: [Online | Official]
Problem: [ Bug ]
Region: [America]

Posting because my search yeilded no results on this specific occurance.
I’m sure there are many more important bugs to address but I felt this was worth a mention, who knows, maybe it’ll lead to more finds, or save somebody else from losing a good thrall on official. (Entirely avoidable by moving thralls out of their slot before replacing them)

I went to switch out my joka ironfist with shendelzare and noticed that they had different recipes? So I went and got another armorer to see exactly how different they all were. On the third switch of comparing, poof! My shendelzare dissappeared, wasn’t in either the bench or my inventory. The slot then seemed to be broken and wouldn’t let me take the current thrall off the bench (he was also invisible, even after reload) though his flawless recipes were still there.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.Put a thrall on armorers bench
2.Without closing or removing first thrall, drag another thrall over to slot and place
3.Repeat#2 once more
4.The slot will be broken and you will lose your thrall as well as making the current equipped thrall invisible outside of the station

I had this happen on t1 WoP in EA. Not sure if it is still happening there too.

if you go to the slot where the thrall is placed there is actually two spots there but you cannot see one of them. move up or down when you think your in the thrall slot and then click it and move to the bench inventory then transfer to your player inventory as usual


While on the topic of thralls… I’ve had a named armorer converting for 4 days now. It keeps losing progress somehow. Any tips on how to get around this ? Or maybe I’m missing something ? I play on an official server. It hasn’t ran out of gruel ever.

Oh yeah, the hidden box, I’d forgotten about this! :pray:t4: Thanks


Sorry, I’m not sure. This is actually one problem I’ve not had :confused:

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Thanks for the reply sir. I found another forum saying it restarts the counter every night since the last update, making names thralls impossible to get? That’s sickening for new players. Really sounds like the game was better 3 months ago lol

Like I say, I’m getting named thralls often and no problem with resets. I find my lifts and treb are back to starting positions when I log on in the morning though, so def, a reset is happening. Maybe an isolated issue on your server…? I wouldn’t have a clue though. And it’s miss not sir :wink: yw all the same!

Haha seems to be a problem on ps4 as well. Have you tried breaking a named thrall in the last 6 days ?

Yes, I’ve broken many. Over night and through the EU server reset at 5am GMT.

Thralls progress restarts with server restarts.
Helps to have a taskmaster on your wheels, as well as having enough gruel to last quite awhile.

Get a tier 3 taskmaster and it will shorted the time on breaking named thralls. This is about the only solution I can think of to help right now.

We have recently discovered that all wheels without a taskmaster don’t seem to reset on our official server.
Can’t confirm for sure as we’ve only been through one restart but any that had a taskmaster stopped while the others kept going.

So experiences with this differ. I have tested it. But only ever with t3/ t4 taskmaster. I’ve never had any stop or reset in this way. For other reasons yes but not the over night reset. My clan mate also has differing experiences to me. This was answered in another post though, about crafting queues stopping (sorry no link but is easy to find) this should be fixed in this patch today. The fish traps and beehives won’t be fixed just yet.

I will say here too actually, I’ve had no crafting queue problems at all. Fish traps n beehives work fine for me too. So if it is now an acknowledged problem by Funcom, it isn’t on my server (or at least for me personally).

@HonkyLips I have a lesser wheel and greater wheel on official, the lesser didn’t have a taskmaster and the greater had a t4.
They both reset.

Also, it took me 3 days to figure out I just wasn’t leaving enough gruel to last a reset on my wheel with no taskmaster :baby:t4:
PS. The best part is that even after I tamed that t4 after a 3 day ordeal, he glitched out with the “too many thralls following you” thing and I lost him on the same day I finally had him.
We need a salt emoji :unamused: