Thrall changed named to Performer, all their inventory and mine disappeared

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*** Hopefully I am doing this right but basically overnight my crazy thrall dude that I kidnapped from the Sunken City has now changed his name to “Performer”, he is still wearing the armor I gave him but it is not showing in his inventory along with his weapon, and he does not move anywhere and I cannot change his position, either. My entire inventory disappeared, as well, and in my log it says it all decayed in a loot bag but I put it all into a work bench for storage before I logged out because my stuff has disappeared before, but it still disappeared lol. Please help me somehow… I’d atleast like my backpack thingy back so I don’t have to find and kidnap another packer

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Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.Turn off game
2.Log back in
3.Everything in inventory disappears and high level NPCs turn into statues
4.Blue screen error 0-34878 (I think it is?) also happens regularly and things seemingly disappear when it happens, as well.

If your thrall was the watch above or the captain below. They are not supposed to be able to be captured so the game rejects them after server restart and changes them to something else. It’s a known issue they are patching to test live currently. There is also a couple emissary thralls in the volcano that have the same issue currently. As far as your and it’s inventory it sounds like that stuff is gone. Sorry.


Thank you for a reply, I guess lol

I would also advise to remove any gear from them if you have more of them. The thralls were deleted on the PC version with the hotfix and a lot of people are upset about losing the gear they gave them …

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Sorry to bear bad news.

This is sound advice. I put an emissary on the wheel before reading the test live notes and seeing it named as thrall that cannot be tamed. Guess we’ll see if it disappears from the wheel after the patch.

Hey there,

There’s a number of NPCs from the new dungeon (and a few others) that were not supposed to be converted. This could cause issues like the one you described. As such, effective on the next patch, all of these thralls will be wiped from official servers once the patch is applied:

The Watcher Above
Half-Child of Dagon
The Captain Below
The Ritual Keeper
Samar the Blade
Enia the Searcher
Obsun of Hyrkania
Ness of Shem
Moras of the Sands
Hat’She the Mad
Seeker Ophelia
Brandt of Zingara
Brood-Guard Assin
Brood-Guard Issis
Vathis the Hierophant
Emissary of Haon-Dor
Emissary of Tsathoggua

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