Minor Issue or possible oversight around glass orbs

Game mode: Any
Type of issue: Crafting mechanic/ resource use imbalance (?)
Mods?: no
Edition: Steam (Any)

Bug Description:

When using a dye, the empty glass orb is consumed in the dyes application.

It makes sense for them to be consumed when used as a throwable, but not much sense when consumed as a dye. Even the image of the empty glass orb has a funnel that implies their fillable functionality.

To me it seems like an empty glass orb should be returned to the player’s inventory after applying a dye. Perhaps this is an oversight?

Primarily the reason I even bring this admittedly minor possible issue up is because it actually leads to an unnecessarily high cost in crystal, an arguably important resource for other areas of the game, for something that is only a cosmetic aspect and does not impact gameplay.

Returning an empty glass orb for dye’s would just be a QOL improvement that would make resource use more balanced.

It is minor, and in a less important area of the game, but I still think it’s worth mentioning. Maybe it hasn’t even been considered?

It is a personal choice to dye gear or not. For some players, they do not care, other players love to experiment with high fashion (some I argue, take fashion risks, joking here). When spending attribute points, someone can correct me if I am wrong, but I recall dyes even being separate meaning optional learned skills to craft and not tied to be learned before other alchemy, only after.

Now, I get what you’re saying, and you have a good suggestion, I just do not feel that it would make a difference in my gameplay at all. I loot empty flasks, water orbs, and dyes when killing NPCs, and when you pick them all up you end up with quite a decent amount over time.

Considering crystal sources on Exiled and Isle of Siptah via loot drops and harvested, it seems like a minor QOL change.

I always doing a casting table and crystal is rather easy to get if you know how. I can usually craft hundreds when needed.

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Lore reason: “The dye STAINS the glass and the cork shaped to that bottle!”

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That reason is as weak as dye would be to water. The empty glass orb still exists. In your scenario, then, why can we not dismantle the glass back into crystal? Or use it for throwables, where dyes don’t matter at all in those recipes. The orb doesn’t just disappear as something rendered useless. Again, weak.

“The glass is DISCOLORED…tainted, it will never be the same!” Meanwhile I hack away at all kinds of crystals in all colors to just get white crystal in my inventory.


Ha truly these crystals are quite strange indeed

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Not to bump this thread unnecessarily but one thing I want to add that I forgot to mention is that another indication that this might be an oversight is how using a dark or light dye colorant does in fact return an empty glass orb, which reinforces how they can be reused as plain glass orbs even despite having had a form of dye substance within them.