Stop consuming Glass Flasks while dyeing armor?

I can’t fathom why glass flasks are consumed in this process. I know we’re barbarians and all, but are we seriously just smashing these dye flasks against our armor to change their color? Just seems logical that upon dyeing a piece of armor, we should get the empty flasks back.

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Why do we even need a flask?! I can put 5 yellow lotus in a cauldron and get a vial of GBH with no flask involved.

Why? Because Funcom watched all the GDC videos about how you can use “Loops” to add longevity to your game between expansions and make the game more “enjoyable”. A Loop being anything that the developer forces you to grind for outside of normal mechanics (rare drops, rare spawns,breeding, feeding,flasks) normally its stuff thats not required to finish the game but is something you may be interested in along the journey so the added frustration of the grind is supposed to intensify the reward when you have what you need. GDamn psychology is fun in video games aint it!

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