Mismatch Version bug

Game mode: Online private
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvE
Region: East Coast

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  1. Start game
  2. Select an online server
  3. Select PVE server
  4. Either select server from page list or a direct connect
  5. see list of mods with different mods showing up as not matching the server mod version, but they are in fact the same.

Anyone else have this problem?


Anyone else?

I cannot login to my server and this really blows. The other day it happened with several mods, but when I logged in the next day it was all fine and I changed nothing.

Not having this issue either. Might be corrupted download. Unsub from the mods and redownload them. If this doesnt fix the issue. Shut the server down and reinstall its mods.

its not you box that has the mismatch, it is the server you are trying to connect to’s mismatch.

The mod maker releases a update, you get it, but the server is running the old version until it is reset.

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