Missing bazar pieces

One of the T1 building sets in the bazar came with a wooden floor and a wood covered foundation. But their corner piece variants are missing. It is not possible to build anything round shaped with it, like a tower.

It had alsways been the case that we get both variants, no matter if basegame or dlc item. All floors have a retangular and a circular piece.

This was reported weeks ago and nothing happend so far. May I remind you that we pay real money for this sets? And they aren´t cheap. It should not much to ask as a customer to fix what is broken or missing. It can´t be hard to add 2 simple floor pieces to complete the set.

I expect you to do better in the future, else I am not willing to pay anymore for anything you offer. Mistakes can happen, no problem. But its your responsibility to fix this mistakes. Not to take our money and ignore the rest.

Have a nice day!

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Not letting this one go. I want my circular pieces.

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Tune in for Sandstone Set 3 and 4, where wedge ceilings will be in 3, and wedge foundations will be in 4.


Yes and it has always been the case that we didn’t have a BP or a Bazaar, now we do… times change… that does not make this into a bug. A bug would be if they initially offered it, but either they don’t show up for you or some unforeseen circumstance broke it for everyone.
Intentionally releasing a partial set so they can include the other part in a different pack is not a bug.

I’m not saying it’s a “good” thing, in fact I’m not expressing any opinion on the matter, what I’m saying is that you filed this under bug reports, when it’s actually feedback :slight_smile:

(also surprised at the number of people who use the dev-reply tag erroneously thinking it means you want a reply from the devs - which rarely happens btw - when the tag was clearly meant for them to tag posts that they replied to so users can easily search based on the tag, now if you click it a whole bunch of mess shows up :smiley: )

I am pretty sure its one. Or at least they forgot to put it in the set. I am very sure about that, because the new set Funcom will be releasing in the new chapter will also have both tiles, I saw it in the stream. And they have never released a set ever without both tiles, retangular and circular ones, because it would make no sense.

Its like releasing a part of the roof you can´t build then because the rest of the roofpieces are missing.

I try to stay possitiv here and claim that this was a mistake or bug instead of intention. Because if this should be intentional this would show a hugh lack of incompetenz. And I do not want to go that far.

It seems people like the bazar no matter the prices. So, lets not make things more complicated for both sides as they have to be. Including the two missing pieces in the set shouldn´t be a problem. Lets make people satisfied with their purchase. Win/win.

Greetings Exile,

Thank you for reaching out to us. Please submit a ticket to our Help center.

Make sure to select “in-game purchase” as the issue type.

Have a great week!

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