Missing building tiles / new buiding tiles

Hi Exiles and especially builders
Building is fun in Conan exiles. I appreciate it a l ot. I like the new designs coming with the dlcs but the more I play the more I am missing more and new tiles to build with, aiming for a special design or architecture. I have the possibility to play with mods and right now a few mods are coming up to increase the possibility of building. But many people are playing on xbox or playstation and they never will have this possibility. So in my opinion Funcom should devolop such new building tiles by themself to integrate them in the maingame.

What are the tiles you miss/suggest, Exiles?

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So I will begin with the list:

Whats about a Stairs inverted corner.

This building tile is from the mod glas constructions and more from I-emerge.


We certainly could do with this piece. Its one of the limitations of Console that we cant get mods :frowning: so if they implement your suggestions it would make me a happy camper :slight_smile:

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A 90 x 45 x 45 degree wedge.
Basically a square cut diagonally.

Also some sort of gap filler block for when you have an odd sized gap.


It does exist, really! In the back you see a 2x2 gate with functional door!


It’s from the mod „jungle building set“ from Hielo. So why isn’t it in the main game?


Both of those would be great to have as part of the official game.