Missing Chaosmouth Alter Plus More


Game mode: Online
Problem: Bug
Region: US

Private server through G Portal

So I am missing the Chaosmouth Alter from my server? Plus my purge never starts, I need to force them to work. Also there are numerous things missing or broken in the game that are in a previous post of mine. Do I have a broken server or is this just how the game is?

(SPOILER) ChaosMouth Altar is Missing

I fixed my altar with the method explained in this thread. It has worked for some, but apparently not everyone.

The purge is broken. Just gotta wait for a fix.


I am on a private server. Tried that anyways and it did not work. I cannot believe how broken this game is.


I have also “lost” my alter of chaos, both on hosted server and single player


Gportal server (private) the Altar is not ingame.