Chaosmouth Altar missing - Private Server

I play on a Private server, in fact, I’m an admin for this particular server. And we just opened doors a few weeks ago, and we had an issue where the Forge in the Volcano wasn’t working, but one of the other admins fixed that. However, now we’ve run into an issue where the Altar at Chaosmouth is gone. Googling and searching it appears to have been an issue last year for single players. The fix for that was to log into testlive and then back and it should work? But that was for Single player. How would that affect a private server?

Anyone else got a fix for this for a Live server?

Thank you!

Ok… we have a fix for this. One of the other admins is breaking into the game database to edit it and replace the altar. HOWEVER… We’ve had to replace the Frost Forge, Volcano Forge, And Tower of Bats Forge, now the Chaosmouth Forge. We’d like to do any others now since we are in it, so if there are any others, can you let us know? Thanks!

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It’s happened again. Live (custom) server and the Chaosmouth altar has disappeared. How is this even a thing?

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