Missing Dragon Tear from membership bonus

Dear Funcom Team,
Please have a look at the screenshot, from my point of view i should have gotten 2 Dragon Tears not only 1.
Thanks in advance for the help and best regards

Again, some minutes ago.

https ://ibb.co/SQcBVRz

Membership bonus doesn’t work on big tokens. Just on the small ones.

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the “premium bonus” message states values that were active on saga server and do not reflect what it actually is : +50% on shards and simple relics (rounded up) and no bonus on rare relics, dragon tears, etc

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I’m sorry for any confusion regarding which tokens should have received each bonus. I can confirm that Dragon Tears aren’t affected by bonus token gain from membership, so it’s normal you only received one. If you’d like to review the full list of tokens affected by this membership bonus, you can do so at any time on our website: http://www.ageofconan.com/membership

Unfortunatly that membership description is not up to date, so one can not know if any of the information is still correct.
For example the Loyalty Rewards are no longer “Based on days purchased”, but added randomly. The inventory restriction and chat restriction get removed.

For a new players it is extra confusing, if the ingame chat information is not correct.

Loyalty Rewards only unlock based on the amount of paid time accrued by your account. If you have questions regarding which Loyalty Rewards SHOULD be available to your account, or think you’re missing any expected rewards, please contact Support through email and we’ll be happy to review your account for you.

This is triple confusing because loot chat tells you: “You received 1 Dragon Tear (+100% membership bonus)”
I take it as it is, please close.