Missing face textures in character select

Recently subscribed for the first time to play on the new 2019 server. I’ve seen people with different heads/faces that I can’t seem to find when I make a new character. After some searching it seems like they may be from an expansion, but the new server doesn’t have any expansions on it. Am I missing something?

IIRC some of the faces are “random” … and some faces are for fully paid ( probably needs expansions activated), i remember trying to find certain face on RK5 to my alts (paid), without any success and gave up. Face was available on next day and i was happy to roll my new alt.

RNG in character creation? Seems a bit silly!

It’s not random. The way it works is some of the faces are Paid only, and some are available to everyone. For as long as I can remember there’s been a bug where you can get paid faces on froob accounts, and ONLY get froob faces on paid accounts. If you’ve recently logged into a paid account and then try to create a new character on any other account paid or not, you will have the paid faces. And vice versa. If you log onto a froob account and try to create a character on a paid account you will only have froob faces. The way I got paid faces on the new server is by logging into my paid account on the main server, going to create character, exiting out, then trying to create a character on the new server. Try messing around with it for a bit and you should be able to get paid faces on the new server.

The only time I’ve ever paid is just recently. I bought 3 months to play the new server. I logged in to the other server but didn’t see any new faces there either. May be I’m out of luck.

The way to do it is to log into a paid account on Live with that client install, and load up a character. Then log it out and close the client. Relaunch the client, switch to RK2019 and log in there. The paid heads should now be available in the character creation menu. You may need to do this for every character you want to roll on RK2019.

I’ll give it a shot, thanks!

Thanks all, this helped me because i coudnt find faces either