Character Heads RK5 - RK2019

Yeah… I just wanted to start a new Character on RK5 with the same face of a character I have on RK2019. Somehow, I can’t find it on RK5. There seem to be a lot of new heads activated on RK2019. But why not on RK5 if they’re ingame AND working correctly?

assuming you’re wanting to make this character on the same, paid account, the heads available should be the same (pretty sure some heads are limited on froob accts). if this is the case, take a screen shot of the head not showing up on rk5 and attach it in a post.

I and a few others i’ve noticed on discord have had this bug. The heads missing are the ones that came with Shadowlands, log into the normal Rubi-Ka (I logged in with a character that had the newer heads) and then log back into RK2019 fixed it for me. I also deleted prefs but that did nothing.

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