New Character slot still missing

I bought a new character slot on RK2019 server from the ingame store but it’s been 2 days now and the slot is still not showing. Any valid reason why?

I have 13 character slots on RK5 and only 10 on RK2019… have you checked if you got the extra slot on RK5? I’m not sure if it’s intended or not and it’s not communicated anywhere as far as I know, but RK2019 doesn’t seem to allow more than 10 character slots at the moment.

All I know is it’s for sale in the store ingame so I would assume it’s for the server you’re on. Unless there is no common sense in play here. )

Dammit, Saavick, you’re right. I don’t want another slot on the regular server! Hopefully, they’ll remove it and refund my points. The description only says - One character slot. You would think it applies to the server you’re playing on. Waiting on my ticket response still.

Hey there, thanks for bringing this up. We just made a little change that will grant you an extra character slot on both RK2019 and Live if you purchase a new slot. This is also retroactive from the RK2019 launch, so if you purchased an extra slot since March 6th you should have an extra slot for both Live and 2019.

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