Missing file privileges

The game is refusing to install, due to “Missing File Privileges”

I bought CE on Steam. Currently, when I order Steam to install CE, it reserves HD-Space and then aborts the Download with the message: “Missing File Privileges: E:/Program Files (x86)/Steam/steamapps/downloading/440900/engine/binaries/ThirdParty/GraniteSDKWin64Release/grGranite.dll”

After an update on May 30, the Game would crash as soon as it would go fullcreen. I thought that might due to mods incompatible with the update, and ordered Steam to uninstall CE (since I could not get ingame to deactivate the Mods - I desubscribed to all mods on Steam prior to that). Shortly before finishing the Install, it aborted, with the note “missing file privileges” in the Steam Downloas screen (the full message quoted earlier appeared in a seperate window, which I have not noticed then, therefore I assume that the same file is responsible, but cannot be entirely sure).
I contacted Steam Support, who told me to reapir the library, and if that didn#'t help, reinstall Steam completely. Both didn’t help.
Now, whenever I tell Steam to install CE, i get the aforementioned message, which according to Steam is a problem outside of Steam. Steam seems to be right on this, no other game there shows any issues.
If I followed the times correctly, my re-Installing of CE had its download during the time when the latest update was released. I would guess that this timing is somehow responsible for the problem, but have no technical knowledge to judge if this coincidence is relevant (and I’m not entirely sure if the update was actually released while I downloaded - it’s just my best guess).

I have no idea how to recreate this bug. Any information helping with that is already contained in my description above.

if you are using avira as an anti-virus program, it is what is causing the issue. more info here:

I do.

Thanks, that actually seems to be the problem, Installation is running after I told Avira to reinstall that “dangerous” file.

I didn’t find that thread because I wasn’t looking for a false malware alarm - and for this reason, I’d keep this thread up.
Since ways to solve this are described in that thread you linked to, I see no point in continuing here, either.

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