Missing Helmet From Cimmerian Scalemail Set?

Hi, I’m really interested in finding the helmet for this set for my Cimmerian guardian, but altough I’ve seen plenty of Cimmerian npc’s using it, I can’t find it anywhere in game : S

Embedded image /Sunstar

So what happened? Did Funcom forgot to add it as loot? ^^’

It doesn’t make a lot of sense to add the chest, the belt, the boots, the legs, even add the helmet to the game itself when it comes to the npc’s, but then not adding it to the loot list. But it could be that I’m perhaps missing some dungeon or quest where I’m supposed to get it.

This helmet drops in the Iron Tower at some boss (not sure which one), here is a linke to the item: ‎https://static.is-better-than.tv/armory/balthuss_woodland_helm.jpg
The picture I linked shows the male version, the colors look a bit weird on that picture but ingame they look normal and fit to the color sheme of the other armor parts.

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Lol mate that’s not the same helmet. My ranger already has that helmet. It’s a similar set but definetly not the same. Look again at the picture :stuck_out_tongue: Even the chest and leg part of that armor is different.

I am sorry about that, last time I saw that helmet ingame is probably 3 years ago and I thought it looked like that. I guess there is no such helmet in the game available for players then since I can’t remember any boss that drops something that looks like that helmet and also no crafting recipe that creates a similar helmet, seems like it’s one of these “NPC items” that only NPCs wear.

You provided a picture of the female version but I have to ask, are you looking for the female or male version of the helmet?

This is the full set for Balthus’s Buckskin/Woodsman/Woodland on a female. It looks fairly similar to the picture you provided except for the boots and gloves. There is a identical version of the male helmet but sadly I don’t know where that one would drop. I’m sure I have seen it somewhere as a “normal” item but I can’t recall from where sadly.


I know that the Balthus’s helmet for male is different than that because I have it on my ranger, the pants and chest of that set are also different. Yet, the chest that looks simillar to that one but for male as well is the Silverlink armor, and the pants are part of the Scarclaw set from Sanctum. That’s what I currently have on my guardian, but I can’t find that helmet anywhere, atleast for male. But you can find it on many Cimmerian guard npc’s throughout the game(both male and female). Mostly in Field Of The Dead, Eiglopian Mountains and Ymir’s Pass. And you find both versions, that one in the image and the other yellow one(the Balthus’s one).