"Important" Grizzly set info! :)

So, I know a lot of people like the Grizzly medium mini set from Iron tower for vanity. But where did the small pieces go???
Well I found them finally (sort of) :smiley:

I found this screenshot of the grizzly set with the missing small pieces and it seems like one needs to farm wb for the slayer set to complete the grizzly set.

Check the picture.

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Yes, WB is the only source of the small items (boots, shoulders and hands), the wrist item comes from the WB set as well but can also be purchased from the clan Vigdis armor vendor, the kilt can be bought there as well.

I am not sure about the belt, I have never really seen it before, I don’t think there is such an item anywhere in the game.

Small pieces CAN drop iron tower. Look balthu’s set in aoc tv.

Ah yeah that’s true, I probably forgot about the fact that they exist because I in all these years have never seen one of the items drop there lol
I guess they only drop from that special boss in the cell?

Dont remember dropping them personally either, hope the loot table on aoc tv is still valid.

small pieces drops from those random bosses in the cells. good luck farming that. I take the wb since the slayer drops all the time :slight_smile:

I collected this set a few years ago for my BS (will post a pic later).

Yes, the gloves, boots, wrists and shoulders drop in IT and are actually named as part of the Balthus’s Woodsman set, and they are identical to the Slayer’s pieces.

I just created a post with the IT loot tables if you want to try farming in there.

Unfortunately the belt is not available anywhere. It’s the same model as the Wildsoul/Beastfury/Clan Moragh belt, except for the “buckle”. None of these are a good colour match, so I use a Ravager’s belt.

Cool I never got the chest to drop