My quest to gather the 4 Sets of the Steppes

I figured since grinding for these sets is turning out to be quite challenge, so I figured I would start making this whole grind into a one huge quest. The quest of grinding the 4 ranks of the Plate Set of Wolves of the Steppes.
So far my progress is going quite well. Sadly, that grind of Pillars is causing me to burn out, which is typical of hard dungeons being grinded. However, my willpower to get the sets empowers me.

Special thanks to: Asakarl (for helping me on regular basis, even though he does go afk at bad times XD), Legends of AoC guild (for its members helping me on every, or almost every run)

Current progress:

Brigand - boots, Leggings, armguards, belt, gauntlets

Raider - Full Set✓

Bandit - None

Epic - FULL SET! ✓

Right now, priority for me is to grind the Raider helmet.

However, if you have info on brigand or bandit armor locations, tell me immediately please.

If you find a scarlet circle helmet called mediums hood of the consumed souls …for HoX could you post a picture wearing it please it drops in pillars! My laptops getting fixed so cannot play for awhile