Missing items / ingame or not!?

Is this Helmet of forest hero ingame?
Is listed in this patch 18.4.5

Also fix drop rate on Lord of Mordeth/Sir of Galahad.Curently sword isnt dropping from it.
Listed in patch 18.7.0

18.4.5 removed the not-shade requirement from helmets and token boards. It still doesn’t drop though.

No idea about the sword, but 18.7 removed scale mods from nearly all items. It’s more useful to look at the introduction patch than at the last patch that modified it.

That sword is buyable from weapon vendors in SL gardens I believe…
Pretty sure I used it when SL first was released :slight_smile:

Nah it doesnt…is difrent names

ive seen some1 with that helm in-game. asked them where they got it, they said “from forest guardian in scheol”

not sure where that mob is though

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